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9 Habits To Stay Healthy At Workplace [Updated 2023]

Health is wealth and it holds true at different levels. Often with the hustle and bustle of our lives and office routine, we often find ourselves struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This imbalance occurs due to lack of time and lots of things to do during weekdays and the cycle continues till months. The common excuse is not finding the energy to exercise and taking time out as a working professional. Perhaps, these 9 habits can help you to stay healthy at your workplace:

Control Your Eating

Whenever we are under stress, we tend to eat more than we can chew. In order to stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle, you have to control you are overeating habits. How to do that? Eat a healthy breakfast and have some fruits or vegetables during lunch. Eating your dinner early and maintain the self-control. It is not easy when everyone around you is eating their hearts out but we all have to maintain a sacrifice to gain something. Adopt small changes such as leaving office lunch, avoiding junk food, eating dry fruits and you will see the difference within a week.

Drink Plenty of Water

Focusing on your work means losing track of time and drinking plenty of water in a day. The best way is to keep a water bottle at your office and drinking plenty of water. Drinking water has many benefits such as focusing on work, maintaining pH balance in your body and keeping stress in control. You can replace water with detox water as well to have fresh skin and staying active in the workplace. Now, what’s detox water? Well, Detox Water is an antioxidant agent or Alkaline water that helps to neutralize the acidity in our body. Check out this awesome infographic about the benefits of alkaline water.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Yes, I understand limiting caffeine intake is a difficult habit to adopt as an office dweller. Excess of everything is bad for health, therefore, cut caffeine slowly, slowly. Try taking coffee or tea once a day without sugar. If you are craving caffeine during work, go for black tea without sugar which is a more healthier option.

Maintaining Posture

Sitting in one place at the workplace is stressful and it is difficult to maintain a posture. Most of the people stare at their screens for many hours and get neck pain in doing so. It is better to learn a few desk exercises to maintain a balanced posture and avoiding neck/back pain.

Taking short breaks

Who does not want to finish work early and leave the office on time? Yes, we all do. Working continuously is stressful and do not contribute to productivity. There is a misconception that taking breaks is a waste of time. On the contrary, recent researches proved that taking frequent short breaks helps to be more creative and keeps your focus. Research suggests that it does not matter how long you work but how smart you work with your time and given resources.

Manage Your Time

Yes, the very important thing design your work plan in the 9 to 5 life. Count every second and minute you can get to deliver something awesome. Companies and management do like performers with excessive time management abilities. It is also one of the best habits of great people. Between this limited time, you need to create blocks for every important thing, such as meetings, communication, any activity with co-workers, personal development and personal health.

Maintaining Neat Workstation

Working plenty of things at the office often make our workstations untidy and the stress we often feel ends up displaying on our desks. After getting the work done always take time out to leave a neat workstation. Maintaining your workstation helps in focusing and when you return the next day you will be focused on the work.

Manage Stress

Office life is undoubtedly stressful and we often have plenty of responsibilities in a day to look after. Shifting from one role to another and keeping work balance is difficult when you do not have a hobby. Try to keep a balance in office life and take time to enjoy with your friends and family. It is not necessary to dig your head in your laptop and canceling plans with your friends. Prioritize your time and learn to leave stress at the workplace. Few hobbies you can adopt can be reading novels, exercising, movies, gym and prioritizing your mental health above everything else.

Saying ‘No’ to Sugar

When we are working at the office, we often crave the sugar because our energy is burned down. Excessive sugar intake and sitting at the desk only adds to the weight. If your work involves sitting in one place try to avoid sugar as much as you can. You can not cut the sugar all at once but you can take short measures daily. How? Minimize the sugar in your tea by half and then stop taking sugar at all. You can replace sugar cane or honey and keep healthy snacks with you at all times. Staying healthy during your 20’s is a continuous effort and it can only be achieved by adopting healthy habits.

Adopting a workout routine

We all make excuses to avoid the gym and skipping the workout routine. But avoiding the workout routine has its own consequences and we pay it for our health. Prioritize your health above everything and do not make your work your whole life. Hit the gym, take time out for yourself. Having a workout routine, adopting yoga or even walk helps to increase productivity at work and rejuvenates the body.