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Expert-written Cover Letters Just For You!

Applying at so many jobs without a professional cover letter is not a good idea! Hire our exceptional cover letter writing services to apply in a more, professional way!

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We not only write a great cover letter, but we also write a whole professional presentation and reflection of yours in it! With a pixel-perfect cover letter, the chances of getting interview calls are 7 times higher than without it! So let’s get yourself a professional cover letter now!

All Packages Include:

Starter Cover Letter

Custom cover letter, for multipurpose use for as
many job applications you want!
$ 50
  • Expertly Written Cover Letter
  • Customizable Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter Highlighting Strengths & Achievements
  • Lifetime Backup
Best Value

Ultimate Cover Letter

Multiple cover letters, written by dedicated
writers, each letter for specific job application!
$ 75
  • All Included From Starter Cover Letter Package
  • Apply To Multiple Jobs Simultaneously
  • Keywords Inclusion
  • Special 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple Cover Letters

Let's Improve Your Job Application Prospects!

Make your job application stronger & better that others with a professional cover letter.

Expert Cover Letter Writers For Success!

Our expert cover letter writers are here to ensure that your cover letter is not short of highlighting any of your strengths, skills or achievements to ensure that you catch the recruiter’s attention to the best possible extent for an interview.

You can fully trust our cover letter makers due to high client satisfaction and their experience of more than a decade that leaves no chance of error or anything missing on their end for a perfect cover letter.

Most Trusted Cover Letter Writing Service

Without any doubt, Urgent Resumes takes responsibility to ensure that each client is provided with consistent high quality cover letter writing service. Our CPRW certified cover letter writers puts great emphasis on each detail of cover letter to trigger a positive response from any recruiter reading it which is one of the main reason behind our high client satisfaction rate.

Our client satisfaction rate serves as a strong indicator of having a trusted cover letter writing service for any professional or job seeker. It is also a strong testament to our dedication of delivering high quality cover letters consistently to our valued clients who’s so they can acheive there professional ambitions in short amount of time.

Testimonials From Our Customers

Let’s have a look at some of our valued customers! We loved working for them, so they did hiring our services!

Amanda Ferguson

Hired By CVS Health
Their service was so quick and swift. I had no idea it was going to be delivered by next few hours! I loved hiring these guys!

Nicole Easton

Hired by Google

I could not find anyone online with this price tag, that was so cost-effective and affordable. I made absolutely the best decision that day. Thanks to them!

Marlon James Jr.

Hired by USAF

I needed my resume and cover letter within 6 hours as I was running out of time for federal job application. Thanks God they understood my urgency and delivered it in rush hours! They literally saved my day!

Ralph Collingwood

Hired by Tencent Games

I never had imagined that I will land job in my life in the company of my dreams! But thanks to their cooperation, I made it! They not only made my documents, they prepared me for the interview and process too! Without them, I was no where!

Alberto Rodriguez

Hired by McDonalds

Almost being jobless for 2 years, doing odd jobs, I was hopeless to ever find a job again. I took a leap and decided to hire this company and it made my life. I landed my job in next month with a very smooth & professional way!

Jonathan Wilfred

Hired by American Express

My interview gone exceptionally well and sound due to my resume & cover letter. Interviewer were amazed to see my presentation, all due to these guys!

Cover Letter Writing Process - How It Works?

Want to know how we make the best cover letters in the USA? Well, here is the simplest & fastest cover letter-making process we follow for over a decade and this is the best and most-streamlined process we have made after years of experience and customer satisfaction!

Fill Our Form

We will provide a link to an online form where you can attach your old Cover Letter, & any special instructions as well. This won't take more than 2 minutes!

1-on-1 Call

Our Cover Letter consultant will get on a quick short call with you to get to know you better & get your Cover Letter started as per your instructions & inspirations!

Online Payment

You can pay simply via a secure online payment link. You can pay using your debit or credit card. All payments are 100% secure & private


Once your Cover Letter is ready to be delivered, our cover letter writing consultant will send it straight to your email inbox and you are also free to avail countless revisions!

Dominate Interviews - Land Jobs!

With our cover letter-making services, you can confidently apply without any hesitations & fear at the companies of your dreams! Stand above your competing candidates with a powerful & appealing profile!

A powerful cover letter made by our experts will ensure that your skills, experiences, strengths and achievements in question are fully to the potential employer or recruiter so you can have a chance to sit for an interview and ace it as a pro without having to answer unnecessary questions as cover letter will answer most of the things.

Cover Letter That Are Customizable!

We provide you cover letters that are not just for one-time application but can be used for various job applications with some tweaks so you don’t have to spend your energy on writing different cover letters. Furthermore, if you’re applying for jobs that are completely different from each other then you can also avail our combo cover letter writing package which will provide you with customizable and multipurpose cover letters so you can apply at most of the potential job vacancies.

Customizable cover letters are more than just being compatible as they ensure that potential job seekers are able to apply for maximum job opportunities and maximize their chances of landing a perfect job. Our expert cover letter writers ensure that your all-purpose cover letter can be used in every walk of your professional career when you’re short on time for making a cover letter from scratch.

We're Here To Take Care Of Your Cover letter!

Together we will uplift your professional presence to the recruiters and employers, making you appear better, in a confident way! So allow us to start making your professional cover letter

Got any questions?

A professionally written cover letter is very important component of your job application and decides the fate of your interview call and in some cases an EMPLOYMENT OFFER!

It improves your overall chances of getting an invitation for an interview and also gives a promising & concrete first impression to the recruiter or employer, thus showing that you’re a serious job candidate.


Your cover letter writer will be a CPRW-Certified cover letter writing expert belonging to the same professions as yours to demonstrate your strengths, achievements and experiences in best possible way.

We provide customizable cover letters so you can edit or tweak them for various job applications.