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Best Resume Writers in Chicago

If you want to get calls for interviews for good jobs in Chicago, it’s time to invest in the services of professional resume writers. If you want to take your job to the next level, you need a resume that stands out from the crowd. Our skilled resume writers can help you achieve that goal.

Urgent Resume Writers in Chicago

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Hire the Best Resume Writers in Chicago at an Affordable Cost!

You are getting a comprehensive and ATS-optimized resume for a reasonable price from some of the best resume writing packages available today in Chicago!

All Packages Include:


Ideally built resume by CPRW writers
$ 100
  • Career-Specific Resume Writers
  • Resume Skills & Achievements Inclusion
  • Personalized Resume Feedback
  • Backup For Lifetime


Professional resume added with a custom-written
cover letter meant for multiple job applications
$ 150
  • Everything Included From Starter Package Plus:
  • Cover Letter Tailored To Specific Job Application
  • Customizable Cover Letter For All Jobs
  • Appealing Cover Letter Vocabulary
  • Cover Letter Highlighting Key Strengths
Best Value


Executive resume writing, expertly written & customizable cover letter and professionaly optimized LinkedIn Profile!
$ 200
  • Everything Included From Pro Package Plus:
  • Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile
  • Full LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Improved Keywords Placement
  • Complimentary LinkedIn Profile Coaching
  • Powerful LinkedIn Profile Summary

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Let’s join hands with the fastest resume makers in Chicago and leave it to us! We will not let you fall behind in your career growth. Fill in our form, start a live chat or give us a ring at 332-777-7022

Best Quality Resume Writing In Chicago

We provide a resume writing service that will give you an edge in your search for a job in Chicago. With the help of our experienced resume writers, you can be certain that your resume will be written in a polished and presentable fashion, complete with the terminology, sentence structure, formatting, and content that will help you get an interview.

Most job seekers in Chicago don’t put much effort into creating an outstanding resume, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, your resume needs to be able to pass any checks, including applicant tracking system screening, and land you an interview.

Professional Resume Writers In Chicago

Once your resume has been written by a specialist in the same field as you, our team of professional resume writers will review it thoroughly to ensure that it is free of any errors or omissions that could hurt your chances of getting an interview or being recruited in Chicago.

You may have faith that our team of skilled professional writers will listen to your every need and craft a resume that exceeds yours and the recruiter’s expectations. Furthermore, you may save a copy of your resume for the rest of your life and retrieve it anytime you choose. WHAT A DEAL! COOL, RIGHT?

Testimonials From Our Customers

See what our customers say about our premium resume writing service!

Ashley Jenkins

Hired by Chevrolet
The most responsive resume writers I ever came across. They carried out the entire process so professionally and quickly!

Nicole Wells

Hired by Wells Fargo
Finding a resume maker with such a simple price tag was not easy for me, the service really worth more than it costs. It took me to the direct interview at the company I ever dreamed of! Thanks a million!

Brad Forrestor

Hired by Yahoo
Even my employer was amazed to see such a pixel perfect resume, free of any flaw. The resume was just beyond their expectations and imaginations! I was so lucky to land on this website for a great resume! Thank you Urgent Resume!

Ronald Atkinson

Hired by eBay
My resume just made & delivered before the morning I had to send it to my senior. The whole process just took like 3-4 hours, like it was a flash! Thank you Urgent Resume, you guys really cared about my urgency!

Robert Nolan

Hired by SpaceX
Being a astrodynamics professional, my resume was not a piece of cake for anyone, even these guys. But they made me so comfortable by keeping in touch by every means possible. The whole process was online & communication was very straight without any bridges.

Riley Edwards

Hired by Disney
It took me only 5 minutes to get everything started, they just took my form online & within 10 minutes, my resume was started by the resume consultants! This was so fast & convenient!

ATS-Compatible Resume Writing Service

Any Chicago professional who is having trouble finding work would benefit greatly from having a resume whose content and structure are consistent with ATS standards, as this would greatly increase their chances of being included in the final pool of resumes considered for an interview.

Our expert resume writers have the know-how to craft a resume that will impress any applicant tracking system (ATS) and greatly improve your chances of getting an interview. We ensure that your ATS score is high enough when we test your polished onto our personalized ATS systems backed by data of various professionals and latest recruitment practices.

Job Hunting Like Never Before

Not every professional has a positive experience looking for work, but with Urgent Resume, that’s no longer a possibility. You may be asking why we have such a high percentage of satisfied customers, and the answer is that our professional staff of highly experienced writers makes this fantasy a reality, making each of our clients thrilled.

The question then becomes, “Why wait?” With the help of our professionals, your job search in the Chicago will be a smashing success. So, don’t think further and HIRE US NOW!

Resume Writing Process - How It Works?

Have a look at our one of the most effective and streamlined resume writing process that fits the bill for all of our clients as we make sure that our high client satisfaction rate never falls below!

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Online Payment

You can pay simply via a secure online payment link. You can pay using your debit or credit card. All payments are 100% secure & private


When its all done & dusted, our team of resume consultants will send you the updated resume & cover letter documents via email. You can avail countless revisions

Urgent Resume For Professional Growth!

Together we will uplift your professional presence to the recruiters and employers, making you appear better, in a confident way! So let’s start it!