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Top Online Digital Marketing Certifications [Updated 2023]

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

It’s only one and obvious question come into the mind before learning digital marketing. Why there is a need for online learning? The simple answer is;
The digital world is growing! It is growing exponentially like never before! With every new day, thousands of websites are born. Millions of pages become live. Millions of people become a part of this online world by means of social media, emails, mobile phones, web pages etc.
This is not only a source of information or entertainment. This digital world is a huge, multi-trillion dollars industry. An industry whose ends are not measurable or scaleable.
Within this trillion dollar industry, millions of online business go live every day. Millions of traditional businesses transform into online businesses. By means of mobile apps, websites, social media pages.
Thus, going digital is the ultimate need of time. That’s what every business needs. And without going digital, your business will not flourish like an international business.
But, before going digital, you need to learn about the digital world. Not only the digital world but about digital marketing.
The term digital marketing is about marketing and establishing an online business. For this, you need to learn digital marketing from basic to advance to develop a promising growth strategy.
There are tons of online resource to learn digital marketing. From blogs to tutorials, courses, and diplomas. All of them are a great resource to learn digital marketing. Also, most of them offering free or paid digital marketing certifications. But, some of the courses are much valued or demanded.
Those are the certifications. Yes, the certifications from some well-known resources like Google, Hubspot, Facebook.
So let we discuss some of the top digital marketing certifications in 2021.

Google Analytics Certifications

Google Analytics is not a new thing to introduce. But those who are about to enter in this digital domain are unaware of it.
Google Analytics is an online data analysis tool by Google. It is basic in tracking the insights of any website, or an app. Insights like traffic, sources, visitor demographics, locations etc…. Whatever happens on a site, is measurable by Google Analytics Tool.
The great thing about this tool is, its free of cost.
But the bad thing, it is much difficult to use for most of the people. To learn about this tools, you need to go for Google Analytics certifications. Different types of courses are available from beginning to mid-level and advanced.
You can access these digital marketing certifications at Analytics Academy. Again it’s for free. You need to access it with your Gmail Address.

Google Analytics for beginners

It is the foundation of analytic studies. The very first digital marketing certification you should go for. It is simple to do, and fun to learn with some great video lectures.
You need to take all the tutorials and lessons to qualify for the exam at the end of each chapter. You have to score 80% score in all 4 exams to get this certification. What you get after this course is;
  • Learn how to set up a Google Analytics Account.
  • Know Google Analytics works.
  • Using the terms and commands in an analytics tool.
  • Setting goals, filters, and generating reports.
  • Knowing about the segments, acquisition.

Both these 2 Certifications are great to do SEO effectively. Then, it’s time to go for Google Analytics Advance.

Google Analytics Advance

It is right to do after you have successfully completed the Analytics Beginner. But before this, you should have practical working experience on an analytics account. This also one of the most demanded digital marketing certification.
Google Analytics Advance is more about the depths and insights. It is more about making decisions with the help of available data.
Remember, our site or app analytics are key metrics in effective online strategy.
What are the learning outcomes;
  • Sorting Data, Users and sessions analysis
  • Generating advanced reports
  • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Event tracking and goals setup
  • Introduction to remarketing
To be a proficient in digital and web analytics, these two certifications are great. They will even look great in your resume and profile and also provide you with more exposure.

Google Ads Certifications

The Google ads are till now, top resource in the paid marketing. Google helps you reach 6 Billion organic searches that are performed on Google daily.
Youtube is the top video streaming site with more than 2 Billion daily views. Google Partner Websites has 2 Million Sites where Google ads are also shown. This creates an excellent medium for online businesses to show their ads on these.
But before advertising on these, one needs to be proficient in Google Ads. Because you can convert a lot of customers with a small budget. Or you can waste thousands of dollars within a night without making any sales. All is the game of perfection and right use of ad budget.
With the help of Google Ads Academy, it is easy to excel in Google ads. There are several courses ranging from beginners to advance. In simple, the Ads Academy is the kickstart to launch your first ads campaign on Google. Let’s see which certification are they offering:

AdWords Fundamentals

To start from the beginning you need to learn about the basics. This course is all packed with these tutorials. It let you start from the beginning, from the very first step of a Google Ads Campaign.
Learning outcomes from this course, you will know about setting up an Ads account. Setting up bids, finding out right keywords and volumes.
You can also learn about all the major ads medium available in Google ads. For a career in paid marketing, this digital marketing certification is the must.

AdWords Search, Video and Display Certification

Just after the AdWords fundamentals exam, don’t go for rest. Supercharge your skills and knowledge with these digital marketing certifications.
Start with AdWords Search, which covers the insights about Search Network. It will cover all the topics related to the search ad campaigns.
Similarly, Display ads is a huge topic. For this a separate course, AdWords Display Certification is here. Display course includes all the key points about GDN (Display Network) and Youtube.
Not only these, but more than 20 digital marketing certifications are also offered on Ads Academy. You must continue your journey of learning by getting all these one by one.

In A Nutshell!

Covering these 4 certifications is a rock solid foundation in your digital career. These digital certifications are enough to master 3 top domains of online marketing.
But as I said, the journey doesn’t stop here. You need to go for further advanced studies. There are several other programs and courses available all over the web. We will discuss more of digital marketing certifications in a coming topic… Stay Tuned!