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Privacy Policy For Urgent Resume

One of our top concerns here at urgentresume.com (which you can reach at http://localhost/test/), is protecting your personal information. The information collected by urgentresume.com and how it is used is detailed in this Privacy Policy document. For any additional questions or clarity on our Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out. This Privacy Policy is applicable only to details provided through urgentresume.com or collected on our platform. Information acquired in any way other from this website is not covered by this policy.

Details for Making Contact

You agree to receive SMS, text messaging, and phone communications (incoming calls) from us for the purposes of servicing you and providing customer service by submitting your contact information on our website. Not limited to, but maybe include, order status, progress, service, and crucial account data. If you share your phone number with us, we might call or text you. Standard call and text charges may apply. To opt out of our call and SMS list, please reach out via our website.


Simply visiting our website signifies your agreement with our Privacy Policy

Data That We Assemble

Whenever we seek your personal details, we’ll clearly state which data we’re gathering, its intended use, and the reason behind the collection. Should you decide to reach out to us directly, we might gather specific personal data from you. This could encompass details like your name, email, contact number, along with any messages or documents you forward, and any additional details you willingly provide. When you order, we might ask for details like your name, business name, address, email, and contact number.

Data Policy At Urgent Resumes

Among the many ways we put this data to use are: offer, manage, and keep our website enhanced, individualized, and enlarged through our online presence. We learn from our website behavior through analyzing the data. Message you through email Detect and stop fraud Disk logging UrgentResume.com makes use of log files in the conventional way. When people go to websites, they leave these files behind. This kind of analysis is standard practice for all providers of hosting services. Log files may capture data like IP addresses, browser type, ISP, timestamps, referral sites, and click counts. This data isn’t linked to personal user identification. The data is used for internal purposes including investigating patterns, managing the site, following visitors throughout the site, and compiling demographic data. The Privacy Policy Generator and the Privacy Policy Template were invaluable in the development of our Policy. Web Beacons, or “Cookies,” UrgentResume.com utilizes ‘cookies,’ just like any other website. Cookies may save details like user preferences and the pages they’ve accessed on our site. This data helps enhance our service by presenting content tailored to users’ browser specifics or other info. For a broader understanding of cookies, refer to “What Are Cookies”.

Cookies for the Google Doubleclick

One of the outside companies that helps make our site work is Google. To tailor advertisements to a user’s interests after they’ve visited www.website.com and elsewhere on the web, the service makes use of a cookie called DART. However, site visitors have the option of not accepting DART cookies by reading the Privacy Statement for the Google Ads and Content Network.

Disclaimers Provided By Our Advertisement Partners

The Privacy Policies of all of urgentresume.com advertising partners are available here for your review. Ads and links on urgentresume.com may be sent to a user’s browser by a third-party ad server or ad network using tracking technologies such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons. Upon occurrence, your IP address is relayed. Ad networks use this to gauge campaign effectiveness and customize ads to your tastes. Please be aware that urgentresume.com does not utilize or manage certain cookies that are used by external marketers.

Policies Regarding The Confidentiality Of Personal Information

We encourage you to read the third-party ad servers’ Privacy Policies for more clarification. It might detail their procedures and how to decline certain features. Links to each applicable policy may be found in a single convenient location: Privacy Policy Links. Disabling cookies is an option available inside most web browsers. You may learn more about cookie administration in various web browsers by visiting the browsers’ official websites. Cookies, you ask? Personal Data Protection Act (CCPA) Right to Prevent Disclosure Consumers in California have the right to, among other things, under the CCPA. Consumers can request businesses to disclose stored data types. You can ask companies to delete your information or stop selling it. We will answer to your inquiry within a month. Please get in touch with us if you’d want to request the exercise of any of these rights.

GDPR Data Protection Privileges

We aim to ensure you know your rights regarding your personal data. The following benefits should be extended to all users: The privilege of entry – You are permitted to get a copy of your records upon request. A little fee may be charged for this assistance. You possess the right to adjustments, allowing you to prompt us to modify any details perceived as incorrect. Furthermore, you can suggest that we supplement any data you believe to be incomplete.

Right To Deletion

There may be instances where you wish for us to remove your personal data based on your directive. In particular scenarios, you’re entitled to dictate the bounds of how we manage your personal data.

Right To Challenge

In specific situations, you can oppose our handling of your individual details. The entitlement to data transferability implies that, under set conditions, you can prompt us to relay the data we’ve cataloged about you to another entity or directly to you. Your queries will receive our attention, and we commit to reverting within a 30-day timeframe. If you aspire to invoke any of these privileges, please initiate a dialogue with us. Your information remains exclusively with us; there will be no dissemination or commercial exchange.

Highlighted below are key facets of our privacy policy, diligently crafted to safeguard our clientele’s personal and monetary information:

1) We selectively gather the essential data required to deliver an unparalleled resume writing experience. Such information remains strictly within our purview, never being traded or dispersed.

2) Your data’s integrity is paramount to us. Employing top-tier encryption and fortified security practices, we ensure a safe harbor for your details, constantly monitoring our digital platforms for any potential threats.

3) Financial transactions, especially those involving credit card exchanges, are routed through Stripe – a recognized bastion of transactional security. Rest assured, your financial credentials remain ephemeral, never seeing permanence on our systems. Except when indispensable to your requested resume services, your data remains exclusive to us – no sharing, no selling, no third-party leases.

4) Our practices are in meticulous alignment with the stringent guidelines of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and cognate regulations at varying jurisdictional levels.

5) For a seamless user interface, we leverage cookies and similar tools. However, you hold the reins, managing such interactions via your browser. Should there be any evolutions in our privacy stance, we pledge to spotlight such changes on our platform.